Friday, July 3, 2015

[Album Review] John Ibe - "The Departure"

Mixtape cover art

Recently, John Ibe dropped off his brand new 16 track project "The Departure", with features from A$AP Ant, Yonas Berhe, Black Dave, Nic Ramsey, Lil Family, Hawk, Swivel Complex, and Pyramid Vritra. Ibe continues to show his strong lyrical ability on tracks like "Cartoon Raps" and "Truth". Ibe does a great job of being able to switch his flow while continuing to stay on beat. The project also contains some strong features, with tracks such as "Morgue" and "Hollows In A Clip", which both feature A$AP Mob's A$AP Ant. One of the standout features on the project comes from Yonas Berhe on "Church". The project contained some great production from producers IsoBeats, EZM, Master G, and more. Overall, this was a pretty strong project. From a negative view, one thing I would have to say, from a nitpicking standpoint, the quality of the vocals wasn't the best, but it doesn't overshadow the project as a whole.

Rating(out of 10): 7

If you haven't already, stream the project below and be sure to download it. Follow the artist on twitter @_JohnIbe

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